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8.5" x 5.5" Paperback, 300 pages


"This irresistible novel manages the curious trick of making the reader want to stand up and cheer... A transformative tale of personal reinvention from a masterful storyteller." - Kirkus Reviews (A Kirkus Starred Review)


The latest release from the author of Of Dice and Men comes a tale based in history, told through the eyes of Susan Kingsley, a shy yet bold museum assistant in the midst of change, displacement, and growth. A story of friendship, outdoor adventures, and a reckoning. Revenge!


"a thoughtful but well-paced adventure... raising the stakes, right till the end. This novel is as much a journey of self discovery and newfound determination as it is a quest for retracing a historical trail."-- BookLife


     Susan Kingsley has career ambitions at the Smithsonian Museum in the historical acquisitions department. but shares an apartment with her ex-husband, Andrew, an FBI man. Susan discovers copies of a series of letters from 1870 describing a wagon train bound for the Deseret Territory, ancient Mormon lands, and a hidden mine.

     The new owner of the letters, Tom Sullivan, joins two older friends on a camping trip to discover the secrets of the letters. While Susan searches for Tom and his letters, Andrew tails her every step. Over time, a bolder, fiercer Susan emerges. As Susan’s character arc grows, Andrew’s arc delves from petty disagreements to all-out fraud and deception, a cop with a grudge.

     What has been hidden in the mine since 1870? What secrets will be revealed? Will Susan succeed, or will Andrew commit the ultimate crime?

The Deseret Reckoning (available November 19, 2023)

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